A Baby Blog Is Born… Oh, It’s a Boy!

Congratulations, it’s a boy! And with this one, I was waaay overdue. We named him Googoo-Gabgab.

I have a thing, and my thing is all things fabulous. A very subjective view on what fabulous is of course, but I’ve seemed to be getting away with it… and that’s alright by me.

I’ve been a fashion stylist, wardrobe consultant and writer for a greater portion of my adult life. It paid the bills, it encouraged me to meet the most talented people on Earth and it taught me that whatever talent you have living within is doable and fun no matter what…. you just have to be willing to get up at 4am and work your butt off.

My 4am wake ups soon turned from photo shoot call times to baby scream times. A wonderful transition which I was definitely not prepared for. The love of my life, Levi Lex was born in 2011, a day before Valentine’s Day.. my little cupid pierced my heart forever. We named him Levi because of the strong meaning of the name, Lion in Russian (I’m Russian) and also because it’s an ancient Jewish name. The middle name we actually struggled with a bit more, and finally decided on Lex. Originally Lex was taken from Lexington Avenue in New York City, one of our favorite cities, but then with some research, found that it’s short for Alexander (a very Russian name) and also in Latin means, the law. A man with a purpose in life is our Levi Lex.

I always wanted a girl. It just had to be a girl for me. To be honest with you, when I found out I was having a boy, I thought my doctor would refuse me as a patient if I let those tears roll. How would I ever dress a BOY? How would I ever decorate a BOY’s room as cute as I could a girl’s? Whom would I give all of my prized designer collections to? A BOY?

It’s been almost 2 years, and I’ve gotten more comments about Levi’s dressing habits and more questions about where he gets his clothes and failed sneak attempts to check out his clothing tags than I had ever imagined. I had so much fun decorating his room (pics to come), and I have so much fun hunting for clothing for him and even more fun dressing him, I couldn’t imagine doing it any better with a girl.

LL as I call him, is my little pal. He’s the sweetest, friendliest, most kissable boy on Earth. He’ll go up to anyone and give them a hug, he has a trillion watt smile, he listens to his Mama, he’s a great grocery store partner, and best of all, he’s quite patient when we get home from our shopping sprees and I just have to have him try everything on right then.

I wanted to create this blog to encourage all of you to get creative with your kids’ style, to inspire you to try new things and to find the beauty in everything.. even if you’re a busy busy busy mom like me running on 4 hours of sleep.

Please feel free to leave comments and look out for more entries and pics to come… Also, follow LL and me on Instagram – “Googoo-gabgab”

~Ta’Ta from Googoo-Gabgab


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