Plastic Zoo

I am totally in love with these Schleich plastic animals. We’ve adopted almost an entire zoo, and it’s cost me less than $30! Of all the little toy we’ve bought LL, these have been his favorite. His imagination is evolving right before my very eyes. He keeps them on his high chair tray and pretends to feed them with a spoon when he’s eating (a lesson on sharing is only a plastic animal away), he pretends that they’re fighting with each other and mimics their real animal noises. It’s so cool to watch the evolving of your child’s imagination… one day he’s just throwing toys around, and the next he really can involve himself in a real life safari adventure. Check them out!  Schleich Plastic Animals

Schleich Animals

Gather Round My Animal Friends

Schleich Animals


Schleich Zoo Animals

Two Little Monkeys… and a Hippo


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