Trick or Treat… Smell My Feet

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. Everyone can celebrate, everyone can have fun and most importantly, everyone can let their imagination run wild! When it comes to Halloween, I don’t mess around. And now that I have a little one, it gives me even more reason to go a bit crazy. Since this year, LL is old enough (finally) to go trick-or-treating, I just had to find the perfect bag for candy and goodies. Back in our day, we’d walk around the hood with shopping bags or better yet, pillow cases… how Susie-Homemaker of us. Now-a-days, kids have really stepped it up with creative ways of toting around all that sugar and goodness. Since All Hallows Eve is a little over a week away, there’s still time to set your kid strutting down with a super cute bag. Here is the one I ordered for LL and had his name stitched on… you know, just in case.   Similar Bag Here

Pottery Barn Treat Bag

LL’s Creepy Crawly Treat Bag

Pottery Barn Treat Bag

Spider Treat Bag

Fall Decorating Ideas

I just love fall colors!


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