Lanvin Does Minnie

After all these years, I knew there was a reason why I was head-over-heels in love with Alber Elbaz, head designer for Lanvin.

Lanvin's team styling Minnie

Lanvin’s team styling Minnie

For Disneyland Paris’ 20th anniversary bash next month, Minnie will strut her stuff in a fashion parade in the French label’s custom-made dress. According to trade sources, her boy Mickey Mouse wrote a letter to Alber Elbaz himself requesting he make something custom for his love… how utterly romantic… I wish my husband had that kind of pull.

It’s all about the power of the dream.  “I always start the collection with a story or a dream, after that I find the solutions, then I arrive at the technique, then I have to finish it off with the dream once again. I start and end with the dream,” says Elbaz in the video. 

Check out the fashionista and the brilliant designer at work in this video…. 


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