LL and Maxi’s First Fashion Night Out

A few nights ago, with the help of my babysitter bailing on us, my husband and I triumphantly brought both of our boys to their first fashion event. Saks Boston previewed their spring men’s designer collections with a fabulous presentation styled by local designer and super cool dad, Jeff Lahens of DressCode Boston, all to benefit the Boston Bruins Foundation. The wine was flowing, the music was bumpin’, the newest kicks were kickin’ and my boys were taking it all in. Earlier that day, I told LL we were going to a party so he was expecting kiddos and cake. When he walked in, he saw men’s shoes, fancy hors d’oeuvres and nothing close to a birthday cake. Poor kid.

Before long, he was shaking hands with Boston’s finest, trying his hand at DJing, posing for our favorite Boston events photographer Michael Blanchard, getting schooled on the difference between Tod’s and Fendi loafers and finally standing front row as the models came strutting down the runway. Versace sneakers, monochromatic red head-to-toe ensemble, gorgeous velvet loafers (which LL pointed out as “tapki”- “slippers” in Russian), it was truly a beautifully styled presentation that showcased the fashion-forward thinking of Jeff Lahens and the team at Saks Boston.

LL and Maxi’s first night out in the world of fashion was a success… at least in my eyes it was. They were on their best behavior, we managed to get through the party without filling a Farragamo loafer or Zegna sport coat pocket with food, smiles all around and the best part came at the end of the night… LL’s valuable lesson. Sometimes cake is round and cut into triangles and sometimes, when mama takes him to fancy adult parties, cake is the size of a matchbox car, covered in chocolate and sits on a stick. At that point, he didn’t care about anything else, in LL’s eyes, if there was cake, t’was truly a party after all!

Get your butts to Saks and check out their men’s collections… my husband was definitely eyeing some pieces for spring!

watermarked photographs courtesy of Michael Blanchard… http://www.michaelblanchard.com


Where's the cake?

Where’s the cake?


On the 1s and 2s

On the 1s and 2s






Versace Kicks

Versace Kicks


I'll take one in each color...

I’ll take one in each color…



Cara Fratto, Saks' Marketing Director with Jeff Lahens

Cara Fratto, Saks’ Marketing Director with Jeff Lahens








Silly boy...

Silly boy…


With the talented Jeff Lahens

With the talented Jeff Lahens




Little Maxi takes over...

Little Maxi takes over…


Thanks for a great night Saks!

Thanks for a great night Saks!




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