My New Adventure as a Kid’s Stylist

You know when you finally realize that every little road you take in life leads you to something better or to something that you’re meant to do? Well, I believe in that wholeheartedly. You take a few jaunts down one road and learn something there. You sprint down another road and meet a few people there. You meander down a couple of other roads and take in the experiences. And then one fine day, you just step back and think, wow, I think all of this traveling has really opened my eyes to what I want to try next.

While keeping myself busy styling for 10 years, spending almost a year of my life renovating and designing my new house and writing for my beloved fitness and fashion blog, Ms Fit for Society, I decided I wanted to try something that has always been on my back burner for so many years, something my friends and family have been encouraging me to do, styling kids.

Going down all the roads I have and meeting the people I have, I’ve come to the conclusion that for parents, dressing their kids isn’t the easiest of feats. As parents, we either don’t have time for it, or we don’t care enough or we have super picky kids that are impossible to please. I think the apprehension for most parents is that having a kid’s stylist is a luxury… and it is. But so is going to get your hair done every 2 months ($200 minimum), going out to dinner every month ($200 minimum), splurging on some designer duds you don’t really need ($undisclosed amount). My point is, we spend money on things that last only a few months or only one evening, but spending money on clothes for our kids is never really something we give much thought to. Until, of course, it’s the day before their school pictures or a Christmas party or a vacation and you’ve got nothing.

I’ve also really fallen in love with this niche after styling one of my friend’s daughters last year. She was 6 years old then and has always been an excruciatingly shy girl. My friend asked me to find some outfits for her daughter that she could wear during the holiday season to parties, but that would also work as pieces she could wear to school, on their winter vacation to Florida and all this on a mini me budget… my specialty! After spending a few days shopping for her, they came over my house and we started trying everything on. The smile on her face was bigger than the Bergdorf’s shoe department, her enthusiasm to try things on was on full blast, and her confidence, that is what personally made me so insanely happy. She went from a shy girl hiding behind her mom, to striking Gisele-worthy poses while I photographed each and every look.  I think for kids, especially for girls, even as young as 6 years old, having someone (other than their mom) validate that they look great in something, or that what they put together themselves looks awesome is that itty bitty confidence boost they need sometimes.

Here are a few photos from my fun day styling my very first client~


Styling my mini client

Styling my mini client





I’m excited to dance down this new road and see where it takes me next and what I learn. I’m excited to see what little kiddos’ lives I can impact and how their lives can impact me right back. And I love that I can do all of this with something so seemingly simple as fashion.

For more information on my services, check out the KID’S STYLING tab at the top of the site or email me!

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