You Are My Sunshine…


My only sunshine, You make me happy, When skies are gray….

This year’s photoshoot was set at an unbelievable sunflower farm 45 minutes outside the city. When I saw it, I fell in love instantly as it evoked memories of my own childhood; planting my very own sunflower seeds and watching the stalk grow higher and higher, into the sky, until finally, in early fall, blooming into a beautiful beaming sun.

With sprawling fields where the kids could run forever, stalks so high they seemed to swallow us whole, and the sky so vast we became its favorite Lilliputians. It was the perfect back drop for two little munchkins to create a world all of their own, to hide amongst the flowers and never know, dear, how much we love them and will never take their sunshine away…sunflowerFINAL13sunflowerFINAL15sunflowerFINAL12sunflowerFINAL8sunflowerFINAL10sunflowerFINAL9sunflowerFINAL11sunflowerFINAL14sunflowerFINAL4sunflowerFINAL5sunflowerFINAL2sunflowerFINAL1


All of the photographs were taken by our wonderful and talented photographer, Lilia Volodina –

My makeup and hair by Danielle Noel – instagram: @miss.tress_danielle